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REC Fitness

Welcome to our state-of-the-art fitness center at The REC! We have over 6,500 square ft. of space, as well the group fitness classroom attached directly to the center.

The REC Fitness Center is broken up into 3 sections, so a variety of users can easily find what they need.


  • 20 pieces of cardio equipment for you to get your heart rate up! All of our cardio has an easy to use “Quick Start” option as well as personalized workouts for you. If you ever need help just ask a staff member!

    • ​TRUE Fitness brand is an up and coming fitness equipment provider. Each piece has a 16 inch touchscreen for different course or your favorite cable TV show! 

      • Alpine Trainer (Incline -3% all the way to 30%) 

      • Water Rower

      • Octane Ellipticals 

      • Seated elliptical for all ability-levels!

  • Jacobs Ladder - the most effective commercial cardio machine on the market!​​​​

Free Weights

  • Life Fitness and Hammer Strength Equipment 

  • Everything in this area is spaced out to ensure members can use each piece of equipment with safe social distancing to the next piece of equipment. 

  • Space in this area to expand as we grow in membership.

Pin-Selected Weight Stack Circuit

  • 15-Piece circuit for a total-body workout!

  • Rep counters and rest timers on all machines.

  • Download the LifeFitness Connect App to track your workout!

Where to Start


  • Our JumpStart program is an awesome add-on to get you started on your fitness journey! A JumpStart is a 60-minute, one-on-one session that can be scheduled at your convenience with one of our certified staff members! For just $25, you will receive: 

    • An in-depth tour of the facility and a lesson on how to use the equipment. 

    • A personalized exercise plan to get you started.

    • Optional health assessment that will give you areas for improvement and goals.

    • Presentation of our group training/personal training offerings.

  • There is no better way to start your membership than with the REC Fitness staff!

Youth Fitness Certification

  • This program allows members 15 years of age to utilize the Fitness Center without supervision during building hours.

    • Full Equipment orientation

    • Fitness Center Etiquette

    • Cleaning procedures 

    • Correct lifting form and sample workout! 

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Group Fitness Side 2 Calendar_edited.jpg

REC Fitness Rules & Dress Code


  • Members and guests 13-15 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Members 15 years of age who have complete our youth fitness certification can utilize the Fitness Center without supervision during building hours.

  • Bags, equipment, and personal items should be stored in cubbies, lockers, and not on the floor.

  • Except for capped water bottles, food and drinks are not allowed in the Fitness Center. 

  • Personal audio equipment may only be used with headphones.

  • Please report any equipment issues to a staff member.

  • Equipment is to remain in its designated space and not taken out of the Fitness Center.

  • Do not drop weights or let the weight stack slam.

  • Users must clean equipment after each use.

  • Please return weights and equipment back to its designated space after use.

  • Fitness classroom is designed for group fitness classes and personal training only

  • No free weights will be allowed into the classroom without approval from fitness center staff.

  • We encourage members to rotate equipment during peak times. 

  • Patrons must abide by dress code and general conduct policy.

  • The Rochelle Park District is not responsible for items lost or stolen in this facility.

Dress Code:

  • Clean, athletic, closed toe shoes are required at all times.

  • Athletic shorts or pants must be worn while exercising. (No jeans or pants with grommets)

  • Any clothing with offensive words or language will not be allowed.

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