REC Aquatics

The REC Aquatic Center features a 4-lane lap pool and a separate recreation pool. Both pools have an ADA accessible lift so people of all abilities can enjoy! 

Lap Pool

  • 4 lanes, 25 yards

  • Perfect for adult lap swim, swim team, deep water aerobics, open family swim and more!

Recreation Pool

  • Kept at 86* for comfort

  • Large platform steps for easy walk-in entry

  • Great for swimming lessons, water walking, therapy and open family swim!

Tentative Pool Schedule

*This schedule is subject to change

REC Aquatics Dress Code

Dress Code:

  • Clothing with offensive language, designs, or pictures is not acceptable.

  • Appropriate swimwear is required for all swimmers.

    • Undergarments, such as compression shorts and sports bras, are not appropriate swimwear.

    • Excessively revealing or transparent attire is not permitted.

    • Men’s swimwear must have a liner. Gym shorts are not acceptable.

  • All children 3 years of age and under (as well as non-potty-trained children) are required to wear a swim diaper.

  • Shoulder length hair must be tied up or in a swim cap.

REC Aquatic Fitness

Shallow Water Fitness

This class incorporates low intensity movements to help muscles, especially for people with knee, hip or back pain. It includes water walking and cardio movements. Geared for ages 16+.

Energize to Music Fitness

This class incorporates medium intensity movements to help muscles. It includes water walking, cardio movements to music. Geared for 16+ ages.

HydroHike Fitness

Water workouts are often used to maintain fitness and aid in recovery following an injury. The free range of motion, resistance on the body, and lack of stress on the joints and bones allow you to work out comfortably without risking further injury. Hydro Hike is geared for young or old, injured or in training, physically fit or just starting. In this class you will increase cardio output, improve posture and form, build muscular strength, flexibility, and endurance all while minimizing the wear and tear on your body. AquaJogger belts, boots and dumbbells will be provided for use.

Class participants do NOT need to know how to swim.

Geared for 16+ ages.

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